Learning communities establish by teaching professionals

  • We have joined the school-based support services provided by the EDB for Junior Forms Science Education. The support officers visit our school on a frequent basis to discuss and formulate effective teaching strategies with our teachers.
  • We have participated in the scheme of “Enhancing support for teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking students”. Our teaching staff actively collaborate with the EDB officers so as to enhance the curriculum development of teaching Chinese to non-Chinese Speaking students.
  • Our school collaborates with Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research to implement the Quality Schools Improvement Project. Teaching strategies, lesson observations and evaluation will be shared among our teaching staff and the officers of CUHK so as to enhance our teaching effectiveness.

Well-equipped teaching facilities enhance teaching effectiveness

Classroom touchscreen

Well-equipped gym room

Academic Award Scheme

  • Wiser King
  • Homework Award Scheme

Establish reading habit

  • eReading


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