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2023-06-07Citizenship and Social Development "Zhuhai Aviation Technology Exploration Tour "
S5 students participated in the "Zhuhai Aviation Technology Exploration Tour" organized by Education Bureau on 29th May 2023. We took high speed ferry to Zhuhai that day, and visit “Afeikei Hangkong Club” to understand the recent development of the aerospace and aviation technology of our Country, we also have chance to join the experiential activities there. The mainland tour is part of the curriculum of Citizenship and Social Development, the aims is to enhance students’ learning and understanding of our Country and her recent development, also enhance students’ national identity.
2023-06-07The talent show held by the 28th Student Union Cohesion in 22-23
The talent show held by the 28th Student Union Cohesion in 22-23 has been successfully concluded. Thanks to all the students for their wonderful performances and the performance of the guest. We hope all students will continue to work hard and see you next year!
2023-06-02Sports Climbing Fun day
The sports climbing fun day event was a great opportunity for students of all skill levels to come together and enjoy a day of climbing and camaraderie. The event was well-organized and provided a fun and challenging environment for students to test their skills and push their limits. One of the highlights of the event was the range of climbing routes available, with something for everyone from beginner to advanced. The organizers had done a great job of setting up the routes to cater to different levels of difficulty, ensuring that climbers of all levels could find something challenging and rewarding. Everyone was cheering each other on and sharing tips and advice on how to tackle the different routes. It was a great opportunity for climbers to learn from each other and make new friends in the process. Overall, the sports climbing fun day event was a great success. It provided a safe and enjoyable environment for students to test their skills and connect with like-minded individuals.
2023-06-02Feast Day of SJA on 30 May
Due to the pandemic, it has been three years since we last held our St. Joan of Arc Feast Day Mass in St. Jude's Church, therefore students behaved particularly more joyful and excited this year. The religious atmosphere of the church, combined with Father Timothy Wan's lively sermon on charity starts from care to one’s family members, captured everyone’s attention throughout the mass. School song singing push the atmosphere of the event to a height, the awesome school song sounds like a promise on the part of the students to become a St. Joanian and a world citizen.
2023-05-31Visiting subdivided households and the homeless Service Activities
Our school’s CYC Volunteer Team held a volunteer service activity to visit subdivided housing households and the homeless on 14/03/2023 (Tuesday). In the previous workshop, the students learned about poverty in Hong Kong.On the service day, they personally visited the settlements of "subdivided households". The students visited various units of grassroots and the elderly, bringing them daily necessities, and accompanied them. After the activity, students learnt more of social poverty and the needs of the grassroots.
2023-05-17Visited the Airport Fire Station
Members of our school's FAST Connect visited the Airport Fire Station on May 6, 2023. In this event, the students not only visited the Tung Chung Fire Station but also got an opportunity to sit in the airport’s unique Rapid Intervention Vehicle and watched its demonstration, which has benefited a lot.
2023-04-26FAST Connect The exchange of Greater Bay Area
Several members of the FAST Connect of our school participated in the Guangzhou exchange on April 14-16. During this period, they inspected many scientific research enterprises, visited the Guangdong Provincial Museum, climbed up Baiyun Mountain, and communicated with mainland middle school students and the 中國救援廣東機動專業支隊. During the exchange, the students were interviewed by Hong Kong and mainland media to share their experiences and feelings.
The Arts exhibition of St. Joan of Arc Secondary School [Arts@SJA 2023] was successfully held on April 22 and 23, 2023 at the Exhibition Hall on the 6th floor of Sheung Wan Civic Center. On the first day of the art exhibition, Mr. Chuen Kwok Wai, our school supervisor, held a simple but grand opening ceremony kicked off the 2-day art exhibition [Arts@SJA 2023]. Over 100 Arts works were exhibited in the exhibition hall, including the works of junior form students, higher form students and teachers in the past 10 years and the latest ones. The rich connotation attracted many visitors.
2023-04-26"Together We Stride" Walkathon
The Diocesan Fund-raising Commission for Church Building and Development organized a fundraising walkathon "Together We Stride" on 23 April 2023 (Sunday). Apart from fundraising for building church and development of the Diocese, the purpose of this event is also to unite all parishes, Catholic schools, diocesan committees/bureaux and other Catholic organizations to demonstrate and manifest the Diocese's "Home among Homes" spirit: unity, sharing and communion.
2023-04-18Life-wide Learning Days 2022-23
To help students achieve the aims of whole-person development and enable them to develop the lifelong learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society, the school organizes “Life-wide Learning Days” from 29 to 31 March to provide students learning in real contexts and authentic settings to achieve targets that are more difficult to attain through classroom learning. On these three days, students participated in various activities including museum visits, field trips, taster programs, seminars, English programs and cultural, arts and sports activities.
2023-03-30Caring and Inclusion Love your neighbours Love your school
The campus of our school has a diversified and inclusive atmosphere. Although our students come from different countries with various cultures, they love and help one another in harmony. Our school holds caring and inclusive activities regularly. On 16 March, three Form 5 students (Ong Ho Chuen Hayden, Chembakassery Santhosh Bhadra and Ezekiel Gomes) shared the message of harmony and inclusion with our schoolmates in the morning assembly.
2023-03-29Hong Kong Island Outstanding Students Award 2022
Shiu Cheuk Yin (3 Charity) was awarded the Certificate of Merit in the “Hong Kong Island Outstanding Students Award 2022”(Eastern District Junior Forms).
2023-03-29Poverty and Justice
Ethics Religious Education and Civil & Social Development Department invited Hong Kong Catholic Commission For Labour Affairs to give a talk on the topic of Responsibility as Global Citizens: Poverty and Justice for Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 students on February 10. Let us imitate Jesus in our lives and serve the poor and needy with charity.








負責同事: 鄧偉霆老師

2023-03-16Lecture on the National Security Law
On December 2, 2022 (Friday), the fire department invited lawyer Ronald Y.H. Kan shared a lecture on the National Security Law with members of the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (FAST CONNECT). The content is easy to understand, and the students benefit a lot.
2023-03-13Customs YES Promotion Vehicle

Today (9/3, Thursday), the "Customs YES Promotion Vehicle" arrived at the school. Students participated in related activities during recess, lunch or after school, so as to deepen their understanding of the work of the Customs.

2023-03-13Applied Learning Scholarship (2021/22 School Year)

6 Hope Lui Man Chun and 6 Charity Wu Wing Yau are studying Applied Learning Course Health Care Practice and Child Care and Education.

Due to their positive learning attitude and outstanding performance, they were nominated by organizations and schools respectively, and won the "Applied Learning Scholarship" (2021/22 school year), which was co-organized by Law's Charitable Foundation and Education Bureau.

2023-03-13Cheng Sum-wing of S4 Hope is awarded the Most Creative Entry in January and the school

Each week, our students will submit their creative entries to Young Post, SCMP and each month, Young Post will award a student with the Best Entry of the Month.  Cheng Sum-wing of S4 Hope is awarded the Most Creative Entry in January and the school, the Most Engaged School of the Month.

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