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2022-09-20Guided tour of the Hong Kong Palace Museum
On 8th September,2022 (Thursday), 30 students from Secondary 3 to Secondary 6 in our school participated in a guided tour of the Hong Kong Palace Museum sponsored by the Fire and Ambulance Services Teen Connect (FAST CONNECT). On that day, the students listened to the docent's explanation with full enthusiasm. It is hoped that the students will have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and history.
本校貞德義工隊於2/9/2022 協助樂群社會服務處 – 喜樂社區中心派發中秋禮品給該區長者。同學們在籌備及分發禮物之餘,也協助長者拿中秋節禮物並護送他們回家。
2022-08-30Staff Development Day
Our school held a Staff Development Programme on 30 August 2022. The content was divided into two parts. First, Dr. Cheng Chi-lok, an alumnus of our school, gave a talk on "Teachers' Mental Health", so that teachers can pay attention to their own mental health, and learn the skills and mentality of stress reduction. The second part, led by Dr. Hui Wai Tin, gave a talk on "National Education", which was rich in content and received enthusiastic responses from teachers.
2022-08-28Parent-Child Movie Appreciation Activity
On August 28, 2022, the PTA held a "Parent-Child Movie Appreciation Activity" at Kornhill Theatre, allowing teachers, parents and students to enjoy a Hong Kong movie — "Pretty Heart" before the end of the summer vacation. A total of more than 60 participants attended the activity. After watching the movie, social worker Ms. Ng was arranged to host a sharing session.
2022-08-26New Staff Induction Programme
The school held the First New Staff Induction Programme for new teachers on August 26, 2022. The participants included new teachers, new teaching assistants and their corresponding mentors. Colleagues communicated with each other during the activities and enhanced their understanding of the school.
2022-08-13Career Experiencing Workshops
In order to help our students explore the possibility of different careers and provide them with different ways of further education. Last week, our school\'s Career and Life Planning Committee arranged a series of Career Experiencing Workshops for Form 5 students. The workshops includes six different types of job introductions, entry requirements and experience activities. Occupations include: Creative Multimedia Production, Makeup Industry, Online Promotion and Marketing, Exercise Therapy, YouTuber and Barista. The following are the photos/videos of the activities and the short videos made during the class.
2022-08-13St. Joan of Arc Secondary School - Meng Tak Catholic School - Multi-intelligence Experiential Activities 2022
On 29 July 2022, 40 p4 & p5 students together with Principal Hui and teachers of Ming Tak school visited St. Joan of Arc Secondary School to experience the vibrant school life at SJA.
2022-08-02What is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)?
SURFING Stand-up paddleboarding: a racing, cruising, and wave riding water sport. paddleboarding is an outdoor water sports activity where a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to move through the water. 13 of our students attained the beginner course and got the basic license. It trained their strength and tolerance. We all had an amazing experienced in the sea.
2022-08-02“My Motherland and I” Stamp Design Competition

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Hong Kong Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations and the Hong Kong Island Principals Association... co-organized “My Motherland and I” Stamp Design Competition.  Through the stamp design, students will develop a sense of belonging to the country, establish a national identity, and become patriotic citizens with commitment and ambition to the society, with national concepts and international vision.

More than 100 schools in Hong Kong actively participated in the competition, with nearly 5,000 entries. Ip Shong, a student from 3Ju, won the Merit Award in the Junior Secondary School Group in this competition.  He attended the award ceremony on July 16, 2022 to receive praise.

2022-08-02“Rope Skipping for Health and Church Building for Manifestation of God’s Love 2022” Fund-raising Campaign
S.1 Cheng Hiu Yu and S.2 Cheng Hiu Wa participated in the “Rope Skipping for Health and Church Building for Manifestation of God’s Love 2022” Fund-raising Campaign which is organised by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong (CDHK) on 25th July, 2022. It aims to promote the Fund-raising Campaign for Church Building and Development of the CDHK to the public, and to cultivate students' healthy living habits through regular physical exercise.
2022-08-02Gold Commendation for Sponsor

The commendation presented by Scout of Association of Hong Kong is awarded to St. Joan of Arc Secondary School for being the sponsor of the 48th Hong Kong Group for the past 65 years since 1956 with outstanding contribution towards scouting in Hong Kong. 

2022-07-20Applauses to Celebrate Students Gaining Outstanding DSE 2022 Examination Results

Despite the unprecedented challenges, the 2022 graduates overcome them with efforts and have done well in DSE examination. A special mention is given to students with outstanding results.  

TAN YANZHEN: 3 subject 5** + 4 subjects 5

WANG DAWEN 1 subject 5** + 2 subjects 4

50% of NCS students get admission requirements for the undergraduate and post-secondary programmes.

The school staff and students give the 2022 graduates a big round of applause. You have worked incredibly hard. We are proud of you. May you fly high in life & success be with you always.

2022-07-14Art paintings
2022-07-14Rice Dumpling Delivery Volunteer Service
Our SJA Volunteer Service Team and CYC students participated in ‘‘Rice Dumpling Delivery Volunteer Service’’ which was organised by Lok Kwan Social Service (Joy Community Service Centre) on 30th May, 2022. Besides delivering the rice dumplings, students also made caring cards in order to deliver the blessing to those families.
2022-07-11Smart School Infinite Imagination Proposal Competitions

With the sponsorship of The Innovation and Technology Fund of The Innovation and Technology Commission, The World New Economy Council Limited has hosted the Smart School Infinite Imagination Proposal Competition to encourages secondary school students to propose and elaborate their ideas to apply technologies, engineering, or design to enhance one of the following areas: Purposeful interactions and connectivity among students, between students, and their communities. Learning environment with more energy-efficient, sustainable, redesign and reuse. Innovative learning to enhance learnability.

Chen Guan Yu, Chen Lok Lam and Yeung Hoi Ying as the students of the school team participated in the competition. After active drills, they successfully completed the presentation of the proposal, attended the award ceremony, shared their experience of the competition on the spot, and received the "Merit Award". For details, please see the video and photos below.

2022-07-07Science Week
Science Week was held from 6 to 10 June 2022. A number of booths were set up during recess every day and lunch time on 9 and 10 June 2022. Experiments, demonstrations and interactive games were prepared. Morning sharing about the studies of science and fun facts was conducted. S2 Science Quiz was held on 9 June 2022 in the school library during period 8. Students joined an inter-class competition as an opportunity to learn science in the process.
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