Unit 2: Causes of Family Problems

1. The little boy's disobedience drives his parents crazy. He never listens to them.

2. They rarely see their father because of his long working hours.

3. Tom's parents are always neagging at his older brother to find a job.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Wong have an ongoing disagreement that they will not stop fighting about.

5. They have trouble understanding one another because of poor communication skills.

6. Sibling rivalries, where brothers and sisters are always trying to be better than each other, often lead to arguments and fights.

7. Tina has a lot of stress from school. It makes her lose her temper easily.

8. David has a lot of stress from work. He often takes out his frustration o nhis family at home.

9. John's parents are too protective. They watch over every move he makes.